Benefits of Brand Ambassador Models Read This!

You are attending a trade show in order to increase your brand recognition on a large stage. This makes sense because, according to one source, “205 Million people in the United States attend the 1.8 Million conventions, conferences, congresses, trade shows and exhibitions, incentive events and corporate and business meetings each year.”  This means that you’re exhibiting to a vast array of media, business owners, employees, and company representatives in their respective industries that are looking for a product or service to fit their needs. Thus, you have a unique opportunity to capture their attention and imagination using brand ambassador models for your exhibits.

A brand ambassador has many unique benefits to help your brand get noticed. To start, they have years of sales experience and are so professional at their job that visitors often mistake them for corporate employees. A brand ambassador is an expert at blending in with your company branding. In addition, brand ambassadors are educated and articulate. This means that they will quickly and easily learn information about your brand and the product or service it offers. Moreover, the brand ambassador will translate the key information about your products or services, as well as key brand messages, to the visitor in an intelligent manner. This makes brand models very beneficial for your exhibitions and its success.

In addition to communicating and demonstrating services, brand ambassadors are trained to engage large numbers of attendees and generate sales leads for your team. The models do this by handing out sales and promotional materials, scanning badges, showcasing products, and demonstrating the value of your product or service. This frees you up to stay focused on interacting with prospective buyers. These value-added services that brand ambassador models give you will help your team get your brand attention that is otherwise impossible.

Brand ambassador models as also highly skilled product demonstrations. Their excellent communication skills and experience at gathering crowds allows them to demonstrate product functionality and ease of use to the masses. This means that brand models will be communicating your product benefits to the most people possible in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. The skill sets that brand ambassador models bring to your exhibit is invaluable and is a fraction of the cost of your exhibiting expense.

In summary, a brand ambassador acts as “Product Demonstrators” and have excellent communication skills, and are experienced at drawing crowds and catching the attention of trade show attendees. Having experience in sales and customer service can be very beneficial for your products. A successful product demonstrator will be passionate about the product they represent and will be able to motivate customers to purchase products or to take a predefined action. Product demonstrators are able to answer questions, explain product features and hand out samples.

Brand Ambassadors are also described or known as Promo Models, Trade Show Models, Event Staff, Promo Girls, Booth Babes, Promotional Models, Convention Models, Event Models, Special Event Staffing etc etc.

Over 75% of trade show attendees have purchasing influence, so it’s important attendees get a chance to see your product in action. Hiring an attractive and experienced brand ambassador model is a great way to spotlight your product, while leaving your sales team free to answer question. Brand models are also a great way to draw people to your booth and spotlight your product, while leaving your sales team free to answer more specific brand questions. Brand ambassador models will definitely provide potential customers with a positive experience they won’t soon forget. is the premier promo modeling and Event staffing agency in United States & Canada. They have the largest database of local Brand Ambassadors and Promo Models in every major city in the United States & Canada. Their proprietary software allows their customers to not only hire, train, and book staff, but also allows our customers to track the effectiveness of each and every promotional or trade show event. Beyond that, they have a fully dedicated staff of incredible Account Managers, Account Coordinators, Booking Managers, Recruiters, Designers, and Field Managers providing you with Personalized service and are capable of meeting your staffing needs for a variety of events & Trade shows of different types.